How It All Works!

Our system takes the worry away from transferring tickets! Once a sale is invoiced out in your POS, it comes straight to your Sendseat dashboard and our system will automatically complete the transfer for you. Included in this process:

  1. The Tickets get Transferred
  2. The Transfer is Marked Confirmed in the Exchange Portal/Proof of Transfer is Automatically Uploaded
  3. The Sale is Marked as Completed/Shipped in your Point of Sale

You will ALWAYS have the Timestamp, Proof of Transfer, and Acceptance Link for Every Transfer.

Sendseat comes with an extensive dashboard where users can manage brokerage
operations at any scale through a clean, unified interface.

  • Full order status can be tracked in real-time from the sales dashboard.
    If changes are needed, transfers can be edited directly through the
    dashboard interface.
  • If a buyer enters the wrong email address or a re-transfer is needed, just cancel the sale and re-transfer—all without leaving the dashboard.
  • The fully integrated sales dashboard includes detailed info like
    marketplace ID#, custom notes, date, location, and more.
  • Full-featured account and inventory management: sync accounts,
    monitor inventory, and check ticket status. Ability to see when a ticket has been sent/accepted by the customer.
  • Access highly detailed ticket-level data. Is a ticket not yet available for
    transfer? You can tell right from the sales dashboard—including when it
    becomes available.
  • Ticket Utils
  • Skybox
  • Ticketnetwork (TN Enterprise, POSNext)
  • Stubhub
  • Vividseats
  • Gametime
  • Seatgeek
  • TicketEvolution
  • Tickpick
  • Ticket Network
  • Fanxchange
  • TM+
  • Viagogo

We offer a free 14 day risk-free trial of our service. Just fill out a quick sign up form and we can have your account up and running that same day.

We would love to give you a demo! It only takes about about 10-15 minutes in all. You can email or call 732-709-8644 to schedule one whenever you are available.

We have a dedicated support team waiting to answer any questions! Having an issue with an order? Just give us a call or email


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