Why SendSeat

It’s Fast

Have your seats automatically transferred within minutes of a sale. Never have a customer waiting at the gate again.

It’s Smart

All sale information is brought into the dashboard and confirmed before the tickets are sent out. In addition, a screenshot of each transfer is taken as proof and uploaded to its corresponding marketplace.

It’s Safe

All accounts, tickets, and customer data will be kept secure at all times. Add account managers with ease directly through the exclusive dashboard.

Selling Tickets

Sell Your Ticket

Sell your ticket on any supported marketplace.

We Transfer Your Ticket

Ticket transfers will occur on average 2-3 minutes after the sale and can even be completed in under 10 seconds.

Receive Proof Of Transfer

Proof of transfer will be automatically uploaded to the corresponding marketplace from which the order was placed.

Get Paid

Once the transfer is complete and proof is uploaded, most marketplaces will immediately prompt payment for the sale. Use that money to buy more tickets and do it all over again.

SendSeat Automates Your Workflow

Average time it takes to transfer a ticket manually is 3 to 5 minutes.

Save Time

Earn More Money

Immediate Transaction

Eliminate Mistakes

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